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Industries who cause a great stir

Dust collection and Air cleaning play a significant role in non metallic and mineral processes. AirFilt filter components will sort out your process:
Furnaces, dryers, grinding, classifying, work spaces, mechnical processing, storing, packing and transport ...>> Applications

We take care of your Disposals

AirFilt takes care of the legally prescribed and professional disposal of your filter elements. Delivery and exchange go together. In the sense of the “ecological cycle” one has to be done to enable the other. More detailed information is available under Disposal/Accessories. Any specific questions?

The Inner Values as a Good Support

AirFilt filter cartridges gains from the excellent dimensional stability of hundred percent spun bonded structure, since they do not need any additional support basket. This means an additional active filter area of 100–200 % with the same tubesheet. Compared to filter bags this is a remarkable increase, which independent laboratory tests confirm. If you would like to know what else the AirFilt products have to offer, click on application or systems and installations.